The Officer Sean A. Collier Memorial Fund was established to honor the memory of Sean A. Collier who was Killed In the Line of Duty by the Boston Marathon Bombers on April 18, 2013.



The Memorial Fund’s mission is to continue Sean’s spirit of volunteerism and to sponsor events that foster goodwill, perpetuate respect, appreciation, and support for law enforcement and first responders. The Memorial Fund seeks to create a better understanding between law enforcement officers/first responders and young people by organizing events and investing in organizations that have the same vision of public service to the community that Sean did.  The Memorial Fund hopes to develop self-esteem in young people, provide educational opportunities and provide assistance to law enforcement families who have had an officer killed or injured in the line of duty.

The Memorial Fund is a completely volunteer organization, and we rely on your donations to help make the public aware of the dangers of faced by law enforcement officers and first responders in their jobs and the oath they took to run towards danger so that we might all remain safe.